Art Services


Camera Ready Artwork

Camera Ready art prefered.This includes linographic output or outlined art with colors indicated and/or color comp provided.

Sketches, Paintings, Photos, etc.
All customer supplied art which is not considered Camera Ready will incur additional art charges. Art should be hi-density black ink on white or very light colored media. Paintings, pencil drawings or sketches will require additional art time to make print-ready. Multi color designs should have Pantone Solid Coated colors called out on the artwork or on a separate color comp. Color matching is available at an additional charge. Photos should be clear and as close to final print size as possible.

It is highly recommended that trademarked logos be submitted only as camera ready art or electronically as an vector file.

All customer supplied art is scanned and reproduced for spot color separation and made ready for film output. Maximum scanning area is 12 X 16 in. Please be sure to specifiy the desired final image size when providing reduced art. Larger images can be scanned in sections and tiled for output.

Production Note
Customer supplied art will need to be reviewed prior to sending a quote. Please submit a PDF of the artwork with your quote request for faster turnaround. Custom artwork will require a minimum 3 day turnaround before films and screens can be made to complete the order. Color comp fees will apply if a color comp is not supplied by the customer.